In a time when so much of our daily interactions are done through a screen, let's meet face-to-face.  Virtual hangouts are cool but vibrating off the energy of a room is even better. Hug, love, share, decide to meet for coffee, or go to a yoga class. We encourage bringing friends to events, but also love when people come independently with confidence that authentic connections will be made.




Everyone should have access to health education. We do our best to make all events as affordable as we possibly can. This is done through the philosophy of energy exchange as well as sponsorships. This minimizes overhead, increase the sense of community and allows for reduced ticket prices. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, email us at


We use the word collective for a reason. Instead of perpetuating elitism through membership, we want everyone to be invited. We want you to be able to bring a friend for free, invite someone from the office to a safe space, include someone you just met off the street. We vibe higher together.


This is that feeling of inspiration, connection, communication, growth. We want you to feel elevated every time you leave a Morning Magic Collective event.




Morning Magic Collective would be obsolete without collaborations. We want to feature you, support you, help you grow. The system of energy exchange provides benefits to you as a creator, business owner, author, speaker, educator, healer, artist as well as an irreplaceable experience to our attendees. If you are interested in collaborating email us at